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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a valid postal code?

Valid post code numbers are 101 to 1216 with gaps in the range. Known as block number (Arabic: رقم المجمع‎) formally. The first digit in NNN format and the first two digits in NNNN format refer to one of the 12 municipalities of the country.

How to find USPS ZIP codes?

Click the " Find by Address " button on the USPS tool and type the full street address with city and state at a minimum. You can also enter the company name and any suite or floor number. Click " Find " to see the USPS-formatted address with the five-digit ZIP Code and its extra four digits.

What is a 3 digit postal code?

Three-Digit Zip Code. A prefix in a zip code representing a general geographic area. An area denoted by a three-digit zip code is serviced by a single postal facility (though a post office may have more than one three-digit code assigned to it).

Where is the postal code on a debit card?

The postal code that appears on a person's debit card will reflect their home or office address. The ZIP code is part of the address where you live. The CVV2 code is the last 3 digits of the number on the back of your debit card, this is to verify you are the owner of your credit card.

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