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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to renew passport GA?

Passport Offices in Georgia - Where to Get a Passport in Georgia. The agency can help you to renew an old passport and also if your passport was lost or stolen. Call the National Passport Center hotline toll free number at (877) 487-2778 to get in contact with your nearest agency. Currently, there is a passport agency in Atlanta. See the list below of agencies in and around Georgia.

Where is the passport office in Georgia?

Georgia Passport Office locations – Get a Passport Application in GA. Select a your city in Georgia to find your local passport office. Acceptance agents in Georgia can be located at Georgia post offices, court houses, municipal buildings and privately owned passport expedited companies.

Is there a passport in Georgia?

It's not hard to get your hands on a U.S. passport in Georgia, but it does require knowing where to go and what documents to show. The process is actually the same no matter where in the country you live, as it's run by a federal agency, the Department of State.

Where can you get a passport in Augusta GA?

The Augusta passport offices provide passport services to U.S citizens. Augusta GA USPS. 525 8th Street. Augusta, GA 30901.

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