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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting a warning about missing firmware in initramfs?

If /proc/modules shows that the module is currently in use on the system, but the firmware file does not exist in /lib/firmware, you get the warning. You won't be warned about missing firmware for any modules that are not currently loaded while building the initramfs.

What happens if I don't update the firmware on my Device?

But other firmware files may just be updates, and the device will work without them, unless you happen to be affected by some bug that the firmware update fixes. You can install the missing firmware and rebuild the initramfs, or you can ignore the warning. In any case, the new initramfs will be used only when you restart the machine.

Do AMD graphics cards need missing firmware files?

I have seen a "possibly missing firmware" message on some computers with AMD graphics. On those cases, many of the "missing" files were for gpu versions that were not what the computer had. So yes, they were missing, but the system also did not need them.

What is the difference between firmware-Linux and firmware-MISC-nonfree?

Showing that the package firmware-misc-nonfreeprovides the missing firmware. Installing the firmware-linuxpackage solves the problembecause firmware-linuxdepends on firmware-linux-nonfreewhich depends on firmware-misc-nonfree.

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