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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Find my Peoples Bank Account Number?

Find Peoples Bank Routing Number on a Check The best and easiest way to find the routing number for Peoples Bank checking, savings or business account is to look at the bottom left corner of the check issued to you by your bank.

How do you verify a routing number?

You can verify a bank's unique nine-digit routing number by contacting the bank directly. Most banks have websites with their routing numbers published and phone numbers to contact them. Paper checks and deposit slips contain the routing number on the bottom of the document.

How many numbers are the routing number?

All routing numbers are comprised of nine digits, and the first two digits are 01 through 12 or 21 through 32. It's important to have the correct routing number on hand in order to process a debit or deposit.

Where are Peoples Bank locations?

Peoples Bank ATM’s are located at the following locations. 2805 Lamar Avenue, Paris, Texas 75460. Wal-Mart Supercenter, Paris, Texas 75462. Kimberly Clark Corp. (inside) Paris, Texas.

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