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Frequently Asked Questions

How to unlock Paylocity account?

To unlock a users' account and issue password reset email, follow these steps: Log into the Checkr dashboard and go to Account Settings > Users Find the user you wish to unlock, and click unlock Paylocity Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consume...

What is a web clock?

Web Clock. The Web Clock is used by hourly (non-exempt) employees to clock-in at the beginning of their shift and clock-out at the end of their shift. The Web Clock can be used by non-exempt (hourly) employees (including student hourly employees), who are eligible for premium pay, including call-in/call-back, shift differential, and stand-by pay.​.

What is web clock time?

Webtimeclock is an online time clock system for small to midsized businesses. Easily manage employee hours and tasks across all devices.

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