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Frequently Asked Questions

What is parish e-file and how do I use it?

Taxpayers should be collecting and remitting both state and parish/city taxes on taxable sales. Parish E-File permits the filing of multiple parish/city returns from one centralized site. Parish E-File is provided to you at no charge and offers an easy-to-use registration.

What is louislouisiana file online?

Louisiana File Online is a fast, easy to use, absolutely free public service from the Louisiana Department of Revenue.

How to file taxes in Louisiana online?

Louisiana File Online 1 Individual Tax Options 2 Business Tax Options. Click LaTAP button above to access your business tax account information online with options to update addresses & make payments (also many tax forms can be filed ... 3 Claim Citizen's Insurance Refund. ...

How do I file a UCC filing in Louisiana?

The Louisiana Secretary of State is pleased to announce expanded services that provide secured parties with the option to execute Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings online. As a secured party, you can: File Initial Financing Statements with your local parish Clerk of Court (UCC-1 and UCC-1F) Track the status of your submissions

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