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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Change my Outlook email account settings?

Click on the "Email" tab in the Account Settings display window. If you have more than one email account configured within Outlook, highlight the email address you want to modify and select "Change.".

How do I Manage my outlook account?

In the main menu at the top of the main window in Outlook, go to Tools–>Account Settings. In the new window that appears, make sure the “E-Mail” tab is active. Next, select the email account you want to be your default account.

How do I change my email account settings?

Click the account for which you want to change settings. Edit the Account Name if you want. Click Change Mailbox Sync Settings in the Account Settings window. In the panel, you can make the following changes: Download New Content.

How do you edit an outlook account?

Edit Email Account Name Outlook Express (Outlook) Open the Internet Accounts sceen if it is not already open. Left click the Tools menu item at the top of the screen, left click the Accounts menu item if this screen is not already open. Select the email account you wish to edit by left clicking it in the list of accounts. Use the scroll bar if it is not visible.

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