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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best beach in Okinawa?

Furuzamami (Furu Zamami) - best beach in Okinawa prefecture. The beach located in a small Zamami island (southwest of the main island).

How many beaches does Okinawa have?

Okinawa’s main island has around 130 recognized beaches. Each beach has its own personality; beaches with exceptional water quality, beaches that are safe for children to play in, and untouched beaches. In this article, we will feature 12 distinct beaches from each category.

What to see and do in Okinawa?

Then Okinawa is the place for you with plenty of water activities including Scuba Diving trips, Jet Skiing, Wake Boarding, Para-sailing Deep Sea Fishing, Sailing, Surfing, Spearfishing, and much, much more. There is really something for everyone on Okinawa when it comes to water activities.

What ocean is Okinawa in?

Okinawa Ocean. Okinawa Prefecture is located in the southernmost tip of Japan. It is composed of both large and small islands and boasts a year round warm climate. Okinawa has become one of Japan’s most popular tourist destinations.

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