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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NoRedInk?

NoRedInk is on a mission to unlock every writer's potential NoRedInk builds stronger writers through interest-based curriculum, adaptive exercises, and actionable data. Sign up for FREE!

Who is the product growth team at NoRedInk?

Tillie leads NoRedInk’s Product Growth team to grow the number of students and teachers using NoRedInk and help users get the most out of their experience. Tillie previously worked in product growth for social change organizations and companies, finding new and creative ways to engage people to create change.

How does NoRedInk help students with learning disabilities?

For my students with learning disabilities, NoRedInk has reduced barriers on critical skill development in grammar and written expression. My students are appropriately challenged by NoRedInk's student-centered, adaptive approach and the resulting data supports my instructional planning.

Why did Jeff create NoRedInk?

After teaching high school English for 8 years and grading 15,000 papers, Jeff created NoRedInk to help his students improve their writing skills.

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