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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is NJN located?

With studios in both Trenton and Newark, NJN's television network covered all of New Jersey, plus parts of Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and Delaware. The radio network primarily served several areas of New Jersey that were not covered by Philadelphia and New York City public radio stations.

What happened to NJN?

Due to New Jersey being split between the New York City and Philadelphia television markets, NJN's television network reached one of the largest potential audiences in the country. At the time of its closure, it potentially reached over 25 million people in parts of five states.

How does njnn work?

NJNN handles all of the paperwork, makes all of the calls, confirms the rates, and sends you one itemized bill - all at no charge! Custom Placements: Hassle-free banner ad placement on any combination of NJ newspaper websites - we serve the ads, collect screenshots, and provide impression reports

What are the NJN television stations?

The NJN television stations were: 1 Camden: WNJS ( channel 23/ RF 22) 2 Montclair: WNJN (channel 50/RF 51) 1 3 New Brunswick: WNJB (channel 58/RF 8) 4 Trenton: WNJT (channel 52/RF 43)

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