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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the unemployment benefits for NJ?

Unemployment benefits in New Jersey are typically calculated at 60% of your average weekly wage during your base year, up to a maximum of $713 per week. The minimum weekly benefit amount you can receive ranges from $120 to $138, depending on the number of dependents listed in the application.

What are the labor laws in New Jersey?

New Jersey labor laws require employers to provide employees under the age of eighteen (18) with a thirty (30) minute break after five (5) consecutive hours of work. NJ Statute 34:2-21.17d(g)(4). New Jersey does not require employers to provide breaks, including lunch breaks, for workers eighteen (18) years old or older.

What is the unemployment rate for New Jersey?

New jersey’s unemployment rate is 7.3% and it received $6.2 billion in federal funds from the $1.9 trillion american rescue plan. Source: The 2022 tdi/fli taxable wage base will increase to $151,900, up from $138,200 for 2021. 6 expiration of federal unemployment benefits that have provided residents with hundreds of dollars ...

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