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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Netflix still rent out DVDs?

Though Netflix doesn’t report the number of those who transitioned to streaming-only subscription, it’s probably a rather high percentage. Still, that’s fewer people renting their DVDs, and some analysts predict that Netflix will axe the physical discs within the next five years.

Where do I return DVDs to Netflix?

Return the disc in your own return envelope (with sufficient postage) to the address listed below. You must include a note with the email address associated with your Netflix account in order for us to process the return. Netflix P.O. Box 49021 San Jose, California 95161-9959. You can also call us at 1-800-585-8018.

Can person still get DVDs from Netflix?

Yes, Netflix will still mail you DVDs if you pay separately for a DVD subscription plan. Netflix has two different DVD plans that you can add to your account: Standard, which lets you rent one disc at a time, and Premier, which lets you rent two. Netflix's Standard DVD plan is $7.99 a month, and the Premier plan is $11.99 a month.

Do you have to rent DVDs on Netflix?

DVD and Blu-ray Rental. Netflix movies can also be rented on DVD or Blu-ray. Discs are shipped through the mail and include a pre-paid return envelope for when you are ready to rent another movie from Netflix. You can keep the DVD or Blu-ray as long as you would like, though you will have to keep your Netflix membership active.

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