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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current mortgage rate for nationwide mortgages?

With the Nationwide there are no direct SVR type mortgages you can currently take out as the initial rates offered are either fixed or under a tracker type product. The current standard variable rate (SVR) for Nationwide Building Society Mortgages is 3.59% which is the average rate in the industry and 3.49% above the BOE base rate.

Are mortgage rates compounded monthly?

As noted, traditional mortgages don’t compound interest, so there is no compounding monthly or otherwise. However, they are calculated monthly, meaning you can figure out the total amount of interest due by multiplying the outstanding loan amount by the interest rate and dividing by 12.

Are refinance rates the same as mortgage rates?

Mortgage refinance rates, which are typically higher than rates for purchase mortgages, have held at historic lows throughout the year, despite day-to-day fluctuations. Refinance rates close the week with 15-year fixed terms representing a particular bargain for homeowners, having been lower than 10-year rates for most of the week.

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