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Frequently Asked Questions

What episode of NCIS is Gibbs'other rule?

Stream episodes of NCIS now on CBS All Access . Gibbs' Other Rule #1: Never screw over your partner. First mentioned in "Blowback" (Episode 14, Season 4) .

What are Gibbs'3 rules?

Gibbs' Rule #3: Never believe what you are told. Double check. First mentioned in "Yankee White" (Episode 1, Season 1) . Gibbs' Other Rule #3: Never be unreachable. First mentioned in "Deception" (Episode 13, Season 3) .

What does rule 40 mean in NCIS?

While most of the rules are for everyday use, Gibbs' rules 40-49 are considered emergency rules, to be invoked only in the most dire of circumstances. ("Rule Fifty-One") When Gibbs told Abby that rule 40 was in play, and Abby told Tony, he took it to mean that "something unspeakably bad is going down."

Where does Gibbs keep his rules in Season 7?

Years later, after their wedding, Gibbs began writing his rules down, keeping them in a small tin inside his home which was shown in the Season 7 finale episode, Rule Fifty-One (episode). Though he uses it often we almost never see the tin.

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