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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using namespaces?

The biggest advantage of using namespace is that the class names which are declared in one namespace will not clash with the same class names declared in another namespace. It is also referred as named group of classes having common features. The members of a namespace can be namespaces, interfaces, structures, and delegates.

How do namespaces help prevent name conflicts?

Namespaces provide a method for preventing name conflicts in large projects. Symbols declared inside a namespace block are placed in a named scope that prevents them from being mistaken for identically-named symbols in other scopes. Multiple namespace blocks with the same name are allowed.

How do namespaces help distinguish objects with similar names but different origins?

Namespace makes it possible to distinguish objects with similar names but different origins. In XML, a namespace is a collection of element type and attribute names, each of which which can be identified by the unique namespace to which they belong. Namespace is also known as name scope.

What are namespaces used for in Kubernetes?

In Kubernetes, namespaces provides a mechanism for isolating groups of resources within a single cluster. Names of resources need to be unique within a namespace, but not across namespaces.

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