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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Belk's workday?

Across Belk’s operations, Workday gives managers, HR, and company leadership the ability to drive seasonal recruiting and workforce development, efficiently and transparently. Leaders and HR in stores use Workday on mobile devices to manage hiring, onboarding and training.

Who is Belk for?

Since 1888, the Southern woman has relied on Belk to style the memorable moments in her life. Belk spans 16 southern states with nearly 300 fashion department stores, multiple distribution and fulfillment centers, our corporate headquarters in Charlotte, NC and a clear focus on developing omnichannel technologies.

Will Belk hire more employees for the year-end holidays?

Belk will continue to hire as many as 10,000 additional, temporary employees for the year-end holidays, increasing headcount by about 40 percent. Legacy technology lacked the flexibility and transparency to support change and efficiency.

How does workday work?

“Workday enables the right balance between corporate consistency and managerial autonomy in the stores. We assign requisition templates for sales, support, and cosmetics sales roles to each store, and HR and hiring managers can easily create actual requisitions and hire people.”

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