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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for "most importantly"?

importantly; incomparably; preeminent; preeminently; superior; superiorly; supremely; the most

Do you say most important or most importantly?

You have to use “more” or “most” when you use “important” at the beginning of a sentence like that, but you can use “importantly” alone. “Important, the neighbors didn’t call the police” doesn’t work, but “Importantly, the neighbors didn’t call the police” does work. And that’s your Quick and Dirty Tip.

What is a synonym for most important?

synonyms for most important Compare Synonyms A number one A-1 arch at the cutting edge at the leading edge champion chief front head headmost heavy heavy stuff heavyweight highest hot stuff hotdog hotshot inaugural initial leading number one original paramount preeminent premier primary prime primo principal supreme Meet Grammar Coach

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