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Frequently Asked Questions

What is moonlight for iOS/tvOS?

Moonlight for iOS/tvOS allows you to stream your full collection of games and apps from your powerful desktop computer to your iOS device or Apple TV. Moonlight also has a PC client and Android client. Check out the Moonlight wiki for more detailed project information, setup guide, or troubleshooting steps.

Is the Apple TV version of Moonlight worth it?

Overall: It's pretty similar to the Mac Version of Moonlight and the performance is good, but with fewer Settings. I cloud upload later a recording of a few games streamed via moonlight to the Apple TV if you wish to. Only suggest some Games, and If I have them in my Libary I could give them a try.

How do I use my Apple TV remote on Moonlight?

You can use the Apple TV remote as a touchpad to move the mouse cursor and click. To disconnect from your PC while streaming on iOS, swipe from the left edge of the screen. To disconnect on tvOS, double-tap the Menu button on your Apple TV Remote. iCade gamepads (old iOS gamepads that fake a Bluetooth keyboard) are not supported by Moonlight.

Does Moonlight support IPv6 streaming?

All officially supported Moonlight clients (iOS/tvOS, PC, Android) support streaming from servers over IPv6. Unofficial clients (Embedded, Vita) may not. If you are not able to stream when connected to the same network as your gaming PC, you may need to add firewall rules to stream successfully.

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