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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a qualifying online retreat for the mmtcp?

If your retreat experience has only been through Goenka retreat centers, to meet the MMTCP retreat prerequisite, you will need to participate in a qualifying retreat. Here is a list of qualifying online retreats to assist you. What is Vipassana and how is it different from Zen meditation? “Vipassana” means to see clearly.

What are the requirements for IMTA certification after mmtcp?

Graduates who wish to be certified by IMTA after graduating from MMTCP will need to fulfill additional hours of teaching to receive the certification. The vast majority of requirements for IMTA are met by the MMTCP program. What is the cancellation policy?

Should I include a Goenka retreat on my mmtcp application?

Additionally, Goenka retreats will not give MMTCP students an experience that correlates with our values of DEIA and the essential inclusion of the feminine archetype. If you have taken a retreat through a Goenka center, please include it on your application.

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