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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are our mentors?

Our Mentors were hand-selected by Jack and Tara through an application and review process, and most have trained directly with Jack and Tara to become meditation teachers. The mentorship program is led by Anne Cushman. Anne has been integrating mindfulness practice, embodied meditation, and creative expression for over 35 years.

What is the mentorship program?

The Mentorship program is a critical and fulfilling part of your journey in The Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program. Small Mentor Groups and one highly-qualified Mentor provide you the opportunity for creating lasting connections with your peers while you refine your skills with a seasoned and experienced guide.

Are the mentors qualified to teach?

All of our Mentors are well-qualified mindfulness teachers who have been selected by Jack and Tara. If your preferred Mentor’s Groups fill up before you can enroll, please rest assured that all of the Mentors are top-notch and experts in their field.

Do I need a qualifying online retreat for the mmtcp?

If your retreat experience has only been through Goenka retreat centers, to meet the MMTCP retreat prerequisite, you will need to participate in a qualifying retreat. Here is a list of qualifying online retreats to assist you. What is Vipassana and how is it different from Zen meditation? “Vipassana” means to see clearly.

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