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Frequently Asked Questions

Why mission dispensaries?

We think of Mission as a different kind of dispensary, not just filling orders, but fulfilling your needs as an individual. If you’re new to the world of marijuana, or just the rules for recreational use, we know it can be intimidating: with different regulations in different states.

Where can I get medical cannabis in Maryland?

Conveniently located between two of the largest metropolitan centers in America, our Rockville dispensary is open to serve Maryland medical cannabis patients 7 days a week. Our trained and knowledgeable staff is here to connect you to the cannabis products that suit you best.

What are the requirements to visit an ethos dispensary in Maryland?

Thank you for your patience and understanding and best wishes to you all! Before visiting or reserving products at an Ethos dispensary, you must become a certified patient or caregiver under Maryland’s medical cannabis program.

What time does disdispensary open and close?

Dispensary opens at 10am. Please call 443-840-8287 to if you have any product questions. For Curbside service: Upon arrival please call 443-840-8287 with your name and vehicle description. Our product associates will be out to help you at your vehicle.

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