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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for Mission College Canvas?

Register for a email address. You can also log in with your student ID number. Use our easy form to find your student ID number fast. Log into My Mission Portal. Click on the Canvas icon (single sign on preferred). Or login into Canvas Directly. All active courses will be visible in Canvas.

How do I apply to Mission College?

Submit forms to Admissions using our email account. Request transcripts electronically or by paper order. Frequently asked questions about becoming a student. Get Help navigating your first few days at Mission. Counseling, Admissions, Financial Aid, and Library.

What happens if I miss a semester at Mission College?

Any student that has missed more than one semester has to re-apply to Mission College via CC apply to re-activates the student ID number. Your default password is your 8 digit birthdate.

How do I Find my Student ID and college ID?

Enter the College ID# (User ID) provided in the email you received from the college after applying. New College ID# (User ID) is "G" + "0" (the number) + your former id number. For example: G01234567. You can also find your student ID using our helpful tool.

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