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Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up SSO in MYCC?

First visit MyCC as you would normally. Click on SSO Login button. This will bring up a new log in window for SSO. This SSO window will look similar to below screenshot. Please use your Computer/Network Login credentials to sign in.

How do I register for classes in mission?

Registering for Classes Students are able to register for full-term and late start classes using the My Mission Portal up to the day before the first class meeting, or after the semester (or term) begins, as long as space is available. After the first day of class, students must have permission from the instructor in order to add the class.

Does Mission College offer online tutoring for spring 2022?

For Spring 2022, all Mission College students can access tutoring with no course enrollment requirements. Courses in which students can attend in-person or online via videoconference. Currently, for Spring 2022 Mission College has not scheduled any Hyflex courses.

Why study at Mission College?

Learn more about Mission College. Study SAP, the world's largest enterprise resource planning system. Get ahead in your career or begin one in the fast-growing area. Hands-on training. Real world corporate access. Certificates in Data Analytics, Project Management, and IT Help Desk Technician. Students are interning at LinkedIn, Facebook, and more!

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