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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will the gaming industry revenues grow in 2017?

If one projected similar growth year-to-year from 2016 to 2017, one might expect to see gross gaming revenues in the range of $33.3 billion for 2017. To avoid speculation, we list the 2016 official statistics.

What are the financial and accounting statistics for machine shops?

Financial ratio information can be used to benchmark how a Machine Shops company compares to its peers. Accounting statistics are calculated from the industry-average for income statements and balance sheets. Company valuation can be measured based on the firm's own performance, as well as in comparison against its industry competitors.

How much does the federal government spend on machine shops?

In 2020, the federal government spent a total of $53,544,336 on Machine Shops. It has awarded 336 contracts to 201 companies, with an average value of $266,390 per company.

What does the market research on machine shops measure?

The market research on Machine Shops measures how efficiently the company leverages its assets to generate profit. ROA is calculated as Net Income divided by Total Assets. Bankers and suppliers use liquidity to determine creditworthiness and identify potential threats to a company's financial viability.

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