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Frequently Asked Questions

Who wrote Shadow Moses by Bring Me the horizon?

"Shadow Moses" is a song by English rock band Bring Me the Horizon. Written by vocalist Oliver Sykes, guitarist Lee Malia and keyboardist Jordan Fish, it was produced by Terry Date and featured on the band's 2013 fourth studio album Sempiternal.

Is Shadow Moses by Bring Me the horizon on Death Stranding?

“Shadow Moses” is the lead single from Bring Me The Horizon’s fourth album Sempiternal. Also, six years after the release of 2013’s “Shadow Moses,” Bring Me The Horizon entered in the soundtrack of Hideo Kojima’s DEATH STRANDING, a 2019 game from the same creator of Metal Gear.

Why is the song Shadow Moses called Shadow Moses?

One of the first songs written for Sempiternal, "Shadow Moses" features the use of the album's title several times throughout the song. The track is named after the main setting of the 1998 video game Metal Gear Solid, the closing theme of which is referenced in the song's opening vocal line.

Is Shadow Moses the Best Rock Song of 2013?

The Noisecreep site named this as their Best Rock + Metal Song of 2013. They said: "'Shadow Moses' provides some of the most pummeling, unabashed music of the year, made all the more unique by Jordan Fish's subtle synth lines." Be the first to comment...

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