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Frequently Asked Questions

Will ABC News 20/20 air new interviews with Idaho officials?

ABC News ‘20/20’ will air new interviews with… Idaho officials have sent MyPillow chief… The City of American Falls and Direct… Attorney General Lawrence Wasden and the Idaho…

Is the Idaho Falls fire department schedule subject to change?

*Schedule subject to change based on special events programming such as sporting events and awards shows. Idaho Falls, Idaho (KIFI) – The Idaho Falls Fire… Continue Reading The new K-9 will allow for the department to…

What happened Thursday night in Pocatello?

Thursday night, Pocatello's mayor and three city council members were sworn in. Read more An inmate who was allowed to go to the doctor did not return to jail and got into a high-speed chase with officers. Read more Idaho Fish and Game officers and local law enforcement responded to Chubbuck Elementary School Thursday morning for a very wild guest.

What happened at the Shady Rest campground in Idaho Falls?

The Idaho Falls Fire Department responded to a camper fire at the Shady Rest Campground on Yellowstone Highway shortly after 5:00 p.m. Monday for a report of a fifth wheel on fire. Read more The pairing of a K9 and a police officer isn’t new.

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