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Frequently Asked Questions

Can lightsabers pop bloons?

The lightsabre is also capable of popping Lead Bloons. This upgrade is good for swarms of bloons because it can pop many of them. The thrown lightsabres spin as they move, chopping up bloons on each side that contact the blades.

Does the Lightsabre thrower have a double-bladed lightsaber?

The Lightsabre thrower up close without the Lightsabre. When the iPhone/iPod version was initially released, the lightsabre of the Lightsabre Thrower was single-bladed, while the online version is double-bladed. This has since been fixed. This is also the case in the Nintendo DSi/3DS version of the game, but has not been fixed.

Does the Lightsabre deal more damage to Bloons?

The lightsabres actually deal extra damage to MOAB-class bloons. The Double Ranga Premium Upgrade is very useful with this tower because the premium upgrade can enable this tower to throw two lightsabres at once causing a lot of damage to bloons. The Lightsabre thrower up close without the Lightsabre.

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