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Frequently Asked Questions

Does UIUC require letters of reccomendation?

UIUC's official stance on rec letters as posted on its site in frequently asked questions by freshman applicants: "No, we do not accept letters of recommendation. Unsolicited materials, including letters of recommendation, will be removed from the file and discarded before the application is reviewed."

Who should write a recommendation letter?

Recommendation letters for job applicants should also include some background, especially if the writer is a current or former employer of the applicant. A summary of the qualifications and skills the person has and why these attributes would make them the best candidate for the job should be the most detailed portion of the letter.

Do UC schools accept recommendation letters?

Letters of recommendation are another piece of the application for many schools. Letters of recommendation provide another opportunity to help the student stand out from the other 5,000 applicants with the same GPA and test scores. The UC and CSU schools do not require, nor do they accept letters of recommendation. However, private schools do.

How do you submit letters of recommendation to universities?

Follow these steps: Log in to your IUP Admissions Profile. Click on Apply Online on the top right of your screen. ... Under My Applications, find the application for which you want to request a letter of recommendation, and click on View in the Supplemental Items column. More items...

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