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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Legion Whey Protein?

Legion Whey Protein has a protein blend that is comprised mainly of whey protein isolate. Branched Chained Amino Acids are responsible for increasing the rate at which your muscles grow and decreasing the amount of time you need to recover.

What are the different flavors of Legion Whey Protein?

Legion Whey Protein is a protein powder for athletes to use to accommodate their workout needs and goals. It comes in flavors like chocolate, vanilla, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry banana, cookies and crème, eggnog, and unflavored. Legion Whey Protein also offers a 100% money back guarantee on their product.

Is Legion Whey protein powder safe to use?

Legion Whey Protein works just like every other protein powder on the market. They utilize easy to digest proteins that allow your body to process and utilize the nutrients you need for your muscles to grow and recover. Some protein sources work better than others, but we have found whey protein to work the best.

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