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Frequently Asked Questions

What does K129 stand for?

The K-129 was a Project 629A (NATO reporting name Golf II) diesel-electric powered submarine that served in the Soviet Navy's Pacific Fleet– one of six Project 629 strategic ballistic missile submarines attached to the 15th Submarine Squadron based at Rybachiy Naval Base, Kamchatka, commanded by Rear Admiral Rudolf A. Golosov.

What happened to the K-129?

The Taking of K-129 The Taking of K-129 In the early hours of February 25, 1968, a Soviet submarine armed with three nuclear ballistic missiles set out from its base in Siberia on a routine combat patrol to a battle station within striking distance of Hawaii.

What kind of submarine is a K129?

A Project 629A (NATO reporting name Golf-II class) diesel-electric Soviet ballistic missile submarine K-129, hull number 722 (Photo Credit: CIA) By 1968, the Soviet submarine K-129 was by no means new, having been launched almost a decade earlier in 1959.

How many missiles does a K129 have?

One of such ships was the Soviet K-129 submarine, which was launched in 1959 and was powered by diesel engines and armed with 3 ballistic missiles with a range of over 1000 km. In 1967 the ship carried out two patrols of the Pacific Ocean.

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