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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the November jobs report a confusing report?

A confusing report on a confusing economy: The November jobs report defied expectations across the board. The divergence between the topline jobs gain and other gauges of labor market strength left economists baffled, but generally optimistic.

When does the government release the jobs report?

Much of the disappointment stems from expectations. The jobs report is based on two surveys -- one of businesses with payrolls and one of households about their economic situation -- that are conducted by the government mid-month and released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in tandem on the first Friday of each month.

What was the ugly part of the jobs report?

Let’s look at Mr. Hyde first. The ugly part of the report was the tepid 210,000 gain in new jobs-the smallest in 11 months. Wall Street had expected an increase more than double that size.

Why is the jobs report so important to investors?

Investors are scrutinizing the jobs report, because if the Fed deems it a positive, the central bank could speed up interest-rate hikes and deliver a hit to rate-sensitive, growth-oriented stocks in the technology sector.

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