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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Japan's macaques?

Japan­ese macaques, Macaca fus­cata, in­habit sub­trop­i­cal or sub­alpine de­cid­u­ous, broadleaf, and ever­green forests. They are found on three south­ern main is­lands of Japan: Hon­shu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, as well as a few smaller is­lands.

Why do Japanese macaque sleep in deciduous trees?

During the colder winter months, Japanese Macaque individuals in the north are also known to sleep in the deciduous trees to protect them from being buried in large amounts of snow during the night.

What does a macaque eat?

Over 213 species of plants are included on the macaque's diet. It also eats insects, bark, and soil. On Yakushima Island, fruit, mature leaves, and fallen seeds are primarily eaten. The macaque also eats fungi, ferns, invertebrates, and other parts of plants.

Do male macaques have a dominance hierarchy?

Males within a group have a dominance hierarchy, with one male having alpha status. The dominance status of male macaques usually changes when a former alpha male leaves or dies. Other ways in which status changes is when an alpha male loses his rank or when a troop splits, leaving a new alpha position open.

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