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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Jamie Hyneman do for a living?

Besides his time on Mythbusters, Jamie builds items for commercials including the 7-UP can-chucking machine and the Nike Roller-shoe. He also is the CEO of M5 Industries, his own personal shop that he bought when Colossal Industries went under.

What is Tom Hyneman up to these days?

These days, Hyneman spends more time on personal projects and new inventions. He'd previously collaborated with Villanova University and the US Office of Naval Research on innovation projects while filming the show, making cool sci-fi stuff like blast-resistant armor and those cool robotic camera systems that track athletes at sporting events.

Who is MythBusters host Jamie Hyneman?

Mythbusters has been off-air for years but since then, one of its hosts, Adam Savage returned to television to host the spin-off Mythbusters Jr. But what about its other host, Jamie Hyneman — the incredibly stoic counterpoint to Savage's more chaotic spirit?

How did Jamie Hyneman become a divemaster?

After college he moved to the land of white, sandy beaches and clear blue water, where he bought a boat, became a divemaster, and opened a charter business. Jamie Hyneman met his wife while running the charter business — she was a diving instructor in the Virgin Islands, where Hyneman set up shop stalking cruise ships for customers.

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