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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is jamiejamie?

Jamie (제이미; formerly known as Jimin Park) is a South Korean singer-songwriter and TV host currently under Warner Music Korea. She is a member of the project co-ed group M.O.L.A and former one half of the duo 15& . She made her solo debut on April 5, 2015 with the single " Hopeless Love ".

What does Jamie mean?

Jamie ▼ as a girls' name (also used less generally as boys' name Jamie) is pronounced JAY-mee. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Jamie is "he who supplants". Originally a pet form of James, now also used as a feminine form of James.

What kind of person is Jamie from the bachelorette?

Jamie: She just wants others to be happy. She does not share her feelings as much as she should. She seems all bubbly on the outside, which she is, but she has layers of deep thoughts with in. She questions the world and looks for understandings. She smiles with her eyes. Jamie is caring, pretty, smart, kind, funny, loyal, and honest.

What are the different types of Jamie?

Prominent variation forms of Jamie (#614 IN 2018) are Jaime, Jaimee, Jaimie, Jama, Jamee, James, Jamey, Jami, Jamia, Jammie, Jayme, Jaymee and Jaymie. These forms of Jamie were favored 38 years ago (AVERAGE #1116) and have become significantly less common since, with versions like Jami becoming less stylish.

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