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Frequently Asked Questions

Do employers have to file W-2s in Iowa?

All employers with 1 or more W-2 wage statements and/or 1099 information returns that contain Iowa withholding are required to electronically file those documents. Employers are only required to file W-2s/1099s that contain Iowa withholding; if it is easier, employers can also submit all W-2s/1099s with and without Iowa withholding.

How do I contact Iowa Workforce Development?

Questions concerning state unemployment are answered by Iowa Workforce Development at 1-866-239-0843. Taxable Compensation Not Subject to Iowa Withholding Exemptions from Iowa withholding follow the guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service, with the following exceptions: Domestic Workers and Clergy

What is a W-4 Form in Iowa?

View Current Withholding Tables Employee Exemption Certificate (IA W-4) Within 15 days, each new hire and rehire is required to complete and sign an Iowa W-4 (44-019). It must show the number of allowances the employee is claiming for family members, for itemized deductions, for adjustments to income or for the child/dependent care credit.

What is the federal unemployment tax credit in Iowa?

Federal Unemployment Tax Act most private employers covered by the Iowa UI Program are subject to the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) you can receive a maximum credit equal to 5.4 percent against this tax if you are participating in a state UI program that meets federal requirements.

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