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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the tax sale in Johnson County?

The annual tax sale is held generally on the third Monday of June starting at 8:00 AM. To participate in the tax sale, a bidder must pre-register with our office as outlined in the tax sale rules. See the Johnson County website for more information on the annual tax sale.

Where can I get a copy of my Johnson County tax statement?

The current tax statements are also available on the Johnson County website. The County Treasurer's office is home to the Motor Vehicle department where you can register and title your car or other motorized vehicles. Do you have old license plates to dispose of? Let us recycle them for you.

How do I pay my taxes in Iowa?

Pay your taxes online, not in line. The simplest, most convenient way of paying your property and vehicle taxes in the state of Iowa. Other... The average person will spend over 2 years of their life waiting in line*. Pay your taxes without the hassle of waiting in line. It's after 5pm and your taxes are due today - DON'T PANIC!

How do I Register my vehicle in Iowa?

Iowa law requires you to register your motor vehicle with the county treasurer's office in your county within 30 days from the date you establish residency. Iowa registration is required even though your license plates may still be valid in another state.

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