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What are the 4 major international news agencies?

Major International News Agencies (wire services) The big four. United Press International, Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France Presse - the 'big four' news agencies - provide over 90% of foreign news printed and published by the world's newspapers and news outlets. Europe.

What are the major international organizations in the world?

1 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2 Asian Development Bank (ADB) 3 Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) 4 Council of Europe 5 European Investment Bank (EIB) 6 Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) 7 Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) 8 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) 9 Organization of American States (OAS) More items...

Which is the best news agency in the world?

Top News Agencies in the World Top News Agencies in the world by the Web Ranking 1 Xinhua News Agency cn 2 Reuters us 3 RIA Novosti ru 4 PR Newswire us 5 Associated Press us 6 TASS ru 7 Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata it 8 Yonhap News Agency kr 9 Al Jazeera qa 10 United Press International us 11 Agence France-Presse fr

What was the first news agency in the world?

Founded in 1846, Associated Press (AP) was the first news agency in the world. It was founded in New York in the U.S. as a not-for-profit news agency. Associated Press was challenged by the 1907 creation of United Press Associations by E.W. Scripps and the International News Service in 1909 by William Randolph Hearst.

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