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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in the Bible is instrumental music forbidden?

Where in the Bible Is Instrumental Music Forbidden? Nowhere in the Bible does God explicitly forbid the use of instrumental music in worship. Some find implicit condemnation in Amos 6:1-5, where the prophet writes, " they invent for themselves instruments of music, like David.

Is instrumental music in Christian worship scriptural?

There is no command to Christians in scripture that we should use musical instruments when we worship God. There is not even a statement by which we might clearly infer such a thing. The practice has no precedent among first-century Christians who worshipped under the apostles' instruction and guidance.

What is some upbeat Christian music?

10 Upbeat Christian Songs - Uplifting Worship Songs and Hymns The Afters "Battles". The Afters remind us that God is fighting for us. ... Hawk Nelson "Live Like You're Loved". What if we lived like we are loved? ... Citizen Way "Bulletproof". ... MercyMe "Greater". ... Phil Wickham "Your Love Awakens Me". ... Anthony Evans "I Found You". ... Gateway Worship Voices "Love Has Found Us". ... Newsboys "Crazy". ... Micah Tyler "Directions". ... More items...

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