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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the hurts?

Hurts are an English musical duo formed in Manchester in 2009, consisting of singer Theo Hutchcraft and multi-instrumentalist Adam Anderson. They have released five studio albums: Happiness (2010), Exile (2013), Surrender (2015), Desire (2017) and Faith (2020). Their first two albums both reached the top 10 in several countries.

Who is Jalen Hurts?

After two years of uncertainty, Jalen Hurts is the man in Philadelphia and the NFC after leading the franchise to its second Super Bowl appearance in the past five years.

What is the opposite of hurt?

Hurts: to feel or cause physical pain. Synonyms: aches, pains, smarts… Antonyms: doctors, fixes, mends… Find the right word.

What is the past tense of hurt?

Hurt can be a verb or an adjective. If you hurt yourself or hurt a part of your body, you accidentally injure yourself. The past tense and -ed participle of hurt is hurt. The boy fell down and hurt himself. How did you hurt your finger? If a part of your body hurts, you feel pain there.

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