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Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the name of your eBay store?

Hence, the name of your eBay store should be best for other The name is the first thing anybody observes when they come across a company or business organization. The name always creates the first impression in front of the people, which is essential in the long run.

How do I subscribe to an eBay store?

When you’ve chosen your package, here’s how to open your store: 1 Go to Choose a Store Subscription. 2 Find the eBay Store type you’d like to subscribe to and choose Select and review. 3 Select the subscription term (yearly or monthly) and enter a name for your eBay Store. 4 Select Submit order to purchase the eBay Store subscription.

Can I change the name of my eBay store?

While you can change the name of your eBay Store in Seller Hub, eBay doesn’t advise this, because since then, any bookmarks, tags or links created by your buyers won’t work and your store will be considered as a new site by some search engines. If you still want to change the name of your eBay Store, the new name can’t be:

How to generate catchy eBay seller business names?

For eBay seller business names, you can generate catchy names online easily. Here is the infographic which gives you more ideas on eBay and amazon Comparison. As a seller, you need to know about the Company and then start your business. Read Below Infographic Marketing | Branding | Blogging.

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