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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the winningest high school football team?

WINNINGEST HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAMS IN AMERICA 1.Valdosta Wildcats Georgia 870-205-34 2.Highlands-Fort Thomas Bluebirds Kentucky 828-224-26 3.Male-Louisville Bulldogs Kentucky 813-312-35 4.Washington-Massillon Tigers Ohio 810-247-35 5.Mount Carmel Red Tornado Pennsylvania 805-296-59 6.Mayfield Cardinals Kentucky 787-247-32 7.McKinley-Canton ...

What is the mission of high school football?

The mission of the Troy High School football program is to field a team that excels on the field, achieves in the classroom, and positively impacts our school and community. Every athlete in our program will be treated with respect and dignity as we strive to reach our potential as a team and as individuals.

When does high school football start?

High school football began in the late 19th century, concurrent with the start of many college football programs. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many college and high school teams played against one another.

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