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Frequently Asked Questions

Does GoFundMe really work?

The company works around the clock to prevent fraud. Additionally, campaign organizers will find that they can withdraw funds instantly. GoFundMe does not place a hold on funds. Lastly, GoFundMe helps organizers increase their outreach by connecting with their social network. How Does GoFundMe Work?

What percentage does GoFundMe charge?

GoFundMe charges a 5% service fee + 2.9% +$0.30 standard transaction fees (which every platform have and are charged by the payment gateway, eg WePay in GoFundMe’s case).

How much does GoFundMe keep of donations?

GoFundMe is making a hefty profit on those donations. According to its website, it keeps 5 percent of every donated amount to campaigns plus 2.9 percent for processing fees. On top of that,...

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