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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best airline to fly to Hawaii?

The best airlines for flights to Hawaii is in flux. Of course it will in large part depend on where you are traveling from. The two primary choices for cheap flights to Hawaii from west coast cities have been and remain Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines.

What is cheap flight to Hawaii?

According to The Airfare Spot, cheap flights to Hawaii can now be found with Alaska Airlines and Delta, in addition to Hawaiian and United. In September and October, for example, travelers can fly to Honolulu or Kahului from Portland for only $366 with United — and Alaska Airlines has similarly priced tickets.

How much is flight to Hawaii?

Total Hawaii trip cost for two: $1,900 minimum. This $2,000 price tag for the cost of a trip to Hawaii includes: Flight $900. Place to stay $450 (yes, really!) Food $250. Activities $100. Travel insurance $100. A few extras $100.

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