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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Fannie Mae do to help lenders?

Fannie Mae continues to help increase access to mortgage credit in all communities across the nation. Learn more about our efforts to grow affordable housing supply and support continuing the education about sustainable homeownership within the industry. Fannie Mae also provides multi-language resources for lenders .

What is the Fannie Mae single-family business?

Fannie Mae supports those who house America through single-family mortgage products and solutions Our Single-Family business helps lenders originate quality affordable mortgages using innovative digital processes.

What is the Fannie Mae MH advantage®?

Fannie Mae is creating more options for more homebuyers by tackling access to credit and housing affordability challenges. We provide our customers a variety of innovative loan products to meet their borrower’s needs. See how our innovative offerings, including MH Advantage ®, can support affordable alternatives to site-built homes.

What's new with Fannie Mae's homeownership education?

Learn about upcoming changes to Fannie Mae’s homeownership education requirement and new course offering. Our new Desktop Underwriter ® (DU ®) enhancement can help you increase mortgage opportunities to help renters become first-time homebuyers.

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