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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an express shunt?

The Express shunt (Alcon), a promising alternative surgical option, was actually more successful than trabeculectomy in controlling IOP without medication use for up to three years postop.1. The device creates a secure, uniform channel under the scleral flap, which enables aqueous drainage.

What is shunt in eye?

Glaucoma Tube Shunts. Glaucoma tube shunts are small devices that are implanted into the eye to drain excess aqueous fluid. The tube portion of the device is inserted into the eye's anterior chamber to create an exit for aqueous fluid. The goal of the tube shunt surgery is to decrease eye pressure and vision loss.

What is eye shunt surgery?

Tube-shunt surgery involves placement of a flexible tube inside the eye that drains aqueous humor, the fluid inside the eye, to an external reservoir. The Ahmed valve is a type of tube-shunt that has a valve to regulate the amount of fluid drained from the eye.

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