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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the essential education program?

The Essential Education program is designed for engagement with virtual students your class can relate to, and with real-life, practical application of material. A second aspect is targeted learning and pacing. Students learn at their own pace with lessons tailored for them, and that equates to faster learning.

What is essential education's online learning?

Essential Education's online learning program builds a nurturing learning scaffold around adult learners to give help when it’s needed and at the same time build adult literacy, independent learning, and thinking skills needed for continuing education and the workplace.

What are essential skills at essential education?

Essential Skills. At Essential Education, the focus is on acquiring skills for success on the GED, in the workplace, for continuing education, and for life. These essential adult literacy and numeracy skills are fundamental reading and writing, basic math, and the clear thinking skills that are core to analysis and decision-making.

What is the College Essentials course?

Our College Readiness course – College Essentials – is perfectly aligned with the Accuplacer College Placement test and is designed to eliminate the need for these developmental education courses. Teaching adults is one of the hardest jobs there is.

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