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Frequently Asked Questions

How important is Washington's game against Philadelphia?

Washington is already very short-handed with 13 players on injured reserve (two players are on both lists). Sunday's game against Philadelphia is crucial to Washington's playoff chances as both teams are 6-7. Washington currently holds the seventh and final playoff spot in the NFC with four games left in the season.

Did Washington follow the NFL's protocols for receiving a positive test?

A Football Team member confirmed Washington followed the NFL's protocols in place for receiving a positive test. Tom Pelissero of NFL Network added more context, noting Tier 3 staff members are not allowed close to the players given the protocols in place during the pandemic.

What can we expect from DeBoer at Washington football?

DeBoer comes to Seattle after spending the last two seasons at Fresno State, where he went 12-6 overall. In DeBoer's first season at Washington, the Huskies likely won't be expected to have a big season, but there are plenty of reasons for UW fans to be excited about the DeBoer hire in general.

Will Washington football have a new head coach in 2022?

Why it might not be a successful season: Like Florida and Miami, Washington will also have a brand-new head coach in 2022. After UW fired head coach Jimmy Lake in November, it named former Fresno State head coach Kalen DeBoer as its head coach a couple of weeks later.

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