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Frequently Asked Questions

How to endure the way of the yakuza in Aut?

One part of this quest you may be confused with is how to Endure the Way of the Yakuza in AUT. Endure the Way of the Yakuza is a Standless move you can use by pressing the “H” key. Walk next to one of the attack dummies and get your health to drop into the red.

How do you use the H-key move in the Yakuza games?

To endure the Way of the Yakuza, you will need to use the H-key move while you are Standless and Formless. You can only use this ability when your low health. That just means your health bar has turned red!

What is the modern yakuza?

Modern yakuza also engage in legal activities such as real estate and construction.) Viewed by contemporary society from aspects of both romance and terror, yakuza have been either the chivalrous descendants of Japanese-style Robin Hoods or murderous gangsters, supplying the heroes of both the gentle Tora-san and tough yakuza films.

What is the most important ritual in the Yakuza?

Sakazuki, the cup-exchange, is the most important ritual in the yakuza world. Although declining in frequency in recent years, it still most fully expresses the ‘spirit’ of the yakuza, the will and determination of the members to strengthen the bonds of the organization, and the complexity of the rank and function of relationship.

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