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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy UFC stock?

No, you can’t buy UFC stock, but you can purchase their parent company the Endeavor Group. When is the UFC IPO? UFC has not filed for an IPO, as they got bought out by the Endeavor Group. How Much Will UFC Stock Cost? Since UFC will not file to go public it won’t have a share price associated with its company.

Will endeavor buy UFC stake?

In an earlier filing, Endeavor disclosed plans to acquire the 49.9% stake it doesn't already hold in UFC from private-equity firms KKR and Silver Lake, using proceeds from the IPO and a concurrent private placement of $1.77 billion from investors including Dragoneer, Fidelity, Elliott Management, Tencent and Third Point.

How can MMA fans buy endeavor stock?

It is now possible for them to buy Endeavor stock through any recognized online brokerage like Robinhood, and become part owners of the enterprise that runs UFC. Being an MMA fan of the UFC and investors are two different things.

When will endeavor Group Holdings go public?

Endeavor Group Holdings, Inc. (EDR) Endeavor Group Holdings will go public soon. The estimated IPO date is April 29, 2021. Stock Price: $23.00 - $24.00. Current IPO price range. Overview.

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