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Frequently Asked Questions

How much rain will Elsa bring to California?

In addition to the storm surge, Elsa is forecast to bring about 3 to 5 inches of rain to the west coast with some areas receiving as much as 8 inches through Wednesday. This could cause flash and urban flooding.

Where is tropical storm Elsa right now?

Tropical Storm Elsa was moving over western Cuba, about 130 miles from Key West. Elsa was expected to continue to move over western Cuba for the next few hours, move into the Florida Straits on Monday evening and pass near the Florida Keys early Tuesday.

Is there a storm surge warning for the west coast?

ACROSS FLORIDA — A storm surge warning has been issued for the west coast of Florida for Tuesday night and Wednesday due to the possibility of life-threatening storm surges from Tropical Storm Elsa.

Where did Hurricane Elsa hit Cuba?

Turning northwest, Elsa moved across Cuba on July 5 causing flash flooding and mudslides. The storm reached the eastern Gulf of Mexico on July 6.

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